More Studio Updates

I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a better mixer.  When looking at all the things I’m getting ready to set up, I decided that I would not be able to get by with my current mixer.  I purchased a Behringer QX2442USB mixer.  It is not expensive, but it has all the inputs I will need, and four subs, plus many other bonuses that I don’t have with my current Alesis mixer.  It was important to me that it fit on the same spot on my desk, and it is is exactly the size of the available space!


I also decided that I want to have more sounds available at once in my MIDI setup.  I have always liked Roland gear.  The first keyboard I ever owned was a Roland JV-80, and it wasn’t the best thing around at the time, but for me it was a very solid and enjoyable keyboard.

I wanted to add a module with Roland sounds and some expansion, so I have a Roland JV-1080 module.  Now I will have plenty of polyphony, and I can add expansion cards to the module for even more sounds.

jv1080 main

As usual, I’ll post some actual images once I have the gear set up in my studio, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some nice music before long.  

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